Presenting the finest plant-based foods

Great Green Kitchen, based in Swansea, South Wales, produces beautiful, mindfully created menus filled with nourishment, detail and integrity. Experienced vegan chef Helen Wilson specialises in catering for yoga retreats and private clients and offering consultancy to those starting new vegan ventures or looking to add vegan dishes to their existing menus.

What we offer

*Consultancy *Recipes *Residential Chef Services *Dinner party catering *Private cookery workshops *Bespoke menus 

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Breakfast spread 2

Dishes prepared for Holistic Yogi Retreats

Buckwheat Pancakes

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  • “Helen has produced beautiful food for our leadership training courses and retreats. It makes a huge difference to participants enjoyment and experience when lunch is something special and not just a time to eat. To also be able to show people how tasty vegan food can be really opens their eyes to possibility. So many people on courses have said how much they love the food, asked for recipes and said it would change the way they cooked at home a little too.” Stuart Baldwin, Creator, of Powers of Engagement 

    “it makes a huge difference to participants enjoyment when lunch is something special”

  • “Helen is a massive help with ideas for cooking for a family – easy, tasty, nutritious meals. But she has also has a wealth of experience in vegan cookery for all occasions and can adapt to anything (there’s a challenge!), with food appealing to the eye and palate”, Juliet Gellatley, founder & director of vegan charity, Viva!

    “A wealth of experience in vegan cookery”